Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with the numerous contract and regulatory requirements associated with running a business in the public sector market is more important than ever in today's climate of increased emphasis on ethics and corporate governance. The Robinette Group will assess your current government contracts and the contractual and regulatory compliance risks associated with your public sector activities. We will baseline your current business practices and processes, identify areas of high risk, and provide suggestions for improvement. We will work with your responsible managers, process owners and teams to develop and implement new and improved processes that are aimed at mitigating risk and to ensure that your company acts as a responsible corporate citizen.

Internal Investigations

We conduct internal investigations of known or suspected non-compliance matters in a confidential and expeditious manner. We will conduct fact-finding, assess risk, make recommendations, and help you develop a go-forward approach.


We will help you evaluate whether voluntary disclosure is appropriate. We will prepare disclosure documents, brief executive management and facilitate the development of an internal business and legal consensus. We can support post-disclosure activities such as government audits and negotiations to help you reach a satisfactory conclusion.